Rotary is the Best Partner

I love visiting the different Rotary Clubs.  Each club has its own personality with a common thread of Service Above Self.  This time trip I visited the Rotary Clubs of Salida, Escalon Sunrise, Wickenburg, Scottsdale Sunrise, Anthem and Sun City West.  All are great partners and supports of Amigos de Guatemala.  THANK YOU!


Rotary Club of Wickenburg

Rotary Club of Wickenburg

Rotary Club of Scottsdale Sunrise

Rotary Club of Scottsdale Sunrise

A Great Partnership

ADIZ Director Fredy Argueta with ADG Director Jean Herschede

ADIZ Director Fredy Argueta with ADG Director Jean Herschede

No program can be successful without a trusting and great partnership.  Amigos de Guatemala is has been working with ADIZ – NGO and its director Fredy Argueta for many years.  It is through this partnership that so many students are able to continue with their studies.  Fredy’s goal is to improve the municipality of Zacualpa through education.

Seeing the world more clearly

Getting glasses may not seem special but foangelicar those who struggle with unclear vision while in school, it is.  The cost of an examination is well out of the reach for our scholarship students.  Just the 1 1/2 hour bus ride is beyond their means.  Thanks to a Rotary District Grant from the Rotary Club of Anthem, Arizona, District 5490, ten of our students now have clearer vision.

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Medical Center in Zacualpa Needs Help

Have you ever really looked at your doctor’s office and all of the equipment? What if you lived in an area where the medical center had to bandage the equipment since there is no other option? During our visit in January, the volunteer team had the opportunity to visit the medical center in Zacualpa. The government built and outfitted the center in 1980 and has not upgraded let alone maintain the equipment. The _JMR8114staff does the bes with very limited resources. Since the sterilizer does not work, medical technicians do what they can to sterilize the instruments. Amigos de Guatemala is researching ways to help the medical clinic. ADG has identified a partner to donate all of the equipment needed. It is the shipping from their warehouse in the US to Zacualpa are the funds we need to raise. This would be one of the largest projects ADG has taken on.

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2014 High School Graduates – all females!

2014 GraduatesIt is amazing after not having a single female finish elementary school a few years ago to a female only high school graduation class!  These young women represent the future of their community of Zacualpa and Guatemala.  Thank you to those who sponsored these students and the continuing students.

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Solar Lights Can Help Save Eye Strain


Have you ever tried to read by candle light? The high cost of electricity causes many students to resort to candles in order to study. Though this may not cause direct damage to the eye, it can cause severe strain. Amigos de Guatemala in partnership with Soluciones Energeticas Apropiadas (SEA) has started a new program to provide low cost solar light to provide better visibility in dark homes.

A little about SEA - they started a solar business that reach over 1,000 homes per year and have also taught 100 students about solar power. In addition they have educated 50 young Mayan women about solar power so they are ready to start a women's solar power cooperative in 2014.

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Mayra – Learning to Smile


Many children are born with deformities that left untreated may cause life-long physical challenges. Organizations such as Doctors without Borders are invaluable for those who do not have access to medical care. Mayra is one of those. She was born with a cleft palate. Even with the surgery to repair her mouth, she had difficulty eating and was embarrassed due to the lack of teeth. Amigos de Guatemala partnered with Jenner Argueta, DDS, an oral surgeon fellow at University of Southern California. Today, Mayra is never seen without a smile.


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Miriam – Surviving and Thriving


Miriam lay in her bed unable to walk and barely able to move. She was born with tumors throughout her body. A Peace Corps worker found her in her parents' home, unable to give her the medical attention she needed. Through the Peace Corps working with Doctors without Borders, Miriam was able to receive much needed surgery. Unfortunately, the internal damage was irreversible. She needs catheters for the rest of her life. Guatemala lacks the medical supplies she needed and the doctors were forced to send her home with the ones they had, a two week supply. How does someone survive? With help from volunteers and donors such as CureMedical, Amigos de Guatemala is able to provide Miriam with the life-saving catheters. She is now an active young lady who is currently in the 6th grade and loves life.


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Gabino – Overcoming Poverty and Adversity


How would you pay for your child’s education when your annual income is less than $500? Gabino’s mother faced this on a daily basis. He is the youngest of three brothers, the oldest blinded by his enraged father and the middle born with Grand Mal seizures. Starting at a young age, Gabino was the “man” of the house taking care of his older siblings. Smart and personable, Gabino came to the attention of our partner, ADIZ and was embraced by a caring and supporting sponsor (known as a godparent in Guatemala). Gabino is finishing his last year of middle school.


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