Education Success Stories

Dominga – A First for Her Family



Dominga is the first of her family to finish elementary school. She did so in her native Maya dialect with Spanish as a second language. When she applied for the Amigos de Guatemala scholarship, Dominga felt intimidated by Spanish. Through middle and high school, Dominga overcame her fear of Spanish, became a self-assured young lady and began to conquer English. Today Dominga teaches English in the Middle School where she started while working toward a college degree in English at a nearby university.

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New Amigos de Guatemala Library

The Library Exterior ADIZ office below & library above

The Library Exterior ADIZ office below & library above

The BIG news is the new Amigos de Guatemala library for the scholarship students and the community of Zacualpa.

The library construction was completed in September, 2012 and furnished in January, 2013 with the latest in computer, internet, audio and  visual teaching aids.

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