Virus vs Education

Guatemala is under shelter in place orders with a curfew which is strictly enforced.  Our students are learning virtually.  This is a challenge as many cannot afford the cost of the Internet data needed to attend classes.

Students waiting for Scholarship 1

Welcome Rosaura!

AmRosauraigos de Guatemala welcomes our new partner who will be managing the day to day activities such as working with the scholarship students as well as any projects we are working on.  Her name is Rosaura Guadalupe Zacarías Chanchavac. She is from the department of Quiché, Guatemala and lives in Zacualpa.  She promises to take on this job with great responsibility, honesty, punctuality and above all with a lot of interest.  Rosaura did her university internship at ADIZ.  She has also been an elementary school teacher.  She continued her studies at the University and graduated as a teacher of secondary education and recently complete her education in Educational Administration.

New Schools Getting Technology

Thanks to a generous donation to Amigos de Guatemala, partnering with Funsepa, is adding technology to two new schools in the Zacualpa area.  Fredy, our boots on the ground, has initiated the process.  We are excited to see the students using these new learning tools.

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Moving Letter

I am in the middle of translating some letters from the Cloverdale High School Interact club.  They support two students.  Here is an excerpt from a letter to the middle school student they support.  Amigos de Guatemala makes a difference in both sides.

Thank you so much for all that you have shared with us.  I love reading your letters and learning about you and your life.  You help me realize how grateful I should be for my education when I see how much you enjoy it.  I think of you when I am struggling…