Your Donations will Make a Difference

Sponsoring a scholarship

One of the most rewarding ways to Be an Amigo is to sponsor a student through the scholarship program. As a sponsor you will receive a letter containing a photo of your sponsored child and biographical information. You also receive updates to learn more about how the scholarship program is impacting his or her life.  You receive three letters during the school year from your student to help you learn about your student’s life through his or her own words and experiences. You can either provide a scholarship for a middle school student for $400 or a high school student for $800. Either way you are giving a student the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Providing Educational Support

    Besides our scholarships, there are many ways your donation can help with our educational efforts. For example your donation would help us keep our library open, where the students can study and have internet access. Projects include new classrooms, safe play areas and outfitting schools with needed equipment. These additional funds help support many special programs for the students.

    Donate to Provide Educational Support

    Supporting Healthcare Needs

    Access to good medical care can be as vital as access to a good education for these children. Your donation helps cover some of these medical needs and training from providing vision care to purchasing catheters and other medical equipment. Each year Amigos de Guatemala takes on a major medical project. Most recently has been training indigenous midwives and medical professionals about how to address breathing challenges with a newborn during the Golden Minute.   Many students are identified with dental issues ranging from minor decay to major issues such as infection and the need for root canals. Between funds from Amigos de Guatemala for materials and the donation of Dr. Jenner Argueta’s oral surgery expertise, these youth were able to have their dental needs addressed.

    Donate to Support Health

    Supporting Community Needs

    To create a whole and healthy community, basics such as access to purified water, reforestation to help the environment, and economic development are needed to enhance the lives and well-being for all.

    Donate to Support the Community

    Being an Amigos Friend

    With commitment to 63 scholarship students and various community health initiatives, we have constant and unpredictable needs not specifically addressed by our main funding categories. Your contribution could allow us to keep the computers and printers running, fix a photocopier, or help with a Maya family emergency.

    Anything Helps