Medical Center in Zacualpa Needs Help

Have you ever really looked at your doctor’s office and all of the equipment? What if you lived in an area where the medical center had to bandage the equipment since there is no other option? During our visit in January, the volunteer team had the opportunity to visit the medical center in Zacualpa. The government built and outfitted the center in 1980 and has not upgraded let alone maintain the equipment.


The staff does the best with very limited resources. Since the sterilizer does not work, medical technicians do what they can to sterilize the instruments. Amigos de Guatemala is researching ways to help the medical clinic. ADG has identified a partner to donate all of the equipment needed. It is the shipping from their warehouse in the US to Zacualpa are the funds we need to raise. This would be one of the largest projects ADG has taken on.

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