Heirloom Corn

Part of community garden is to maintain and expand the heirloom black corn that is indigenous to the area. Very little of this corn is cultivated. Here is the distribution of the first crop.

Planting Day!

The students along with an agricultural instructor started planting the heirloom corn at the community garden. This corn’s origins are in the Zacualpa area. Very few farmers plant this variety and it is disappearing. One of our missions with this garden is to help preserve heirloom crops.

Community Garden

During the food distribution last year, we realized the impact of not having a food pantry or community garden to help those without land to grow crops. So many have food insecurities and even more so now between the drought, hurricanes and pandemic. Amigos de Guatemala has been able to secure land for a community garden that the scholarship students are able to farm for their families. Any extra produce will go to the elderly. The land is being prepped for planting.

Protecting a Home

One of our scholarship students lives in a house that is constantly compromised. It is along a steep cutout. When it rains, the water runs through the house causing damage to the structure and the family’s health. A caring supporter helped underwrite the cost of creating diversion walls so that the water will flow around the house and not through it.