Volunteer Translators

Bob and Jan Hatmaker are not bilingual.  Therefore, they rely on volunteer translators to communicate with student and friends in Guatemala.  Since 2011 we have been  privileged to have two excellent translators – Jean Herschede and Carl Stoffel.

Carl Stoffel is a good friend who has volunteered with Amigos de Guatemala four different years.  In addition to volunteering in Guatemala, he generously sponsors two students.  He is a super-volunteer having been with Amigos de Guatemala on 5 different visits.  Thank you Carl!

Jean Herschede is a member and chair of international services for the Rotary Club of Headsburg, CA.  The Healdsburg club generously sponsors 3 scholarship students and is a contributing partner with the current project of building and furnishing the new Amigos de Guatemala library in Zacualpa, Guatemala.  Jean represents the Amigos de Guatemala program to other Rotary clubs, local youth groups and Spanish classes.  Her support and dedication to the work of Amigos de Guatemala is greatly appreciated!  Starting in 2013, Jean has taken on the co-directorship with Bob Hatmaker as he and his wife, Jan, start into their second retirement.

Magdy Garzona, an ADIZ/Amigos de Guatemala employee also provides translation services.  Magdy lives in San José del Quiché about one hour from Zacualpa.  She also translates the written communication between students and sponsors which is a very time consuming service.  Thank you Magdy!