The Amigos de Guatemala Library/Reading Room

The beautiful Amigos de Guatemala Library/Reading Room is finished and in full operation.  After 6 years of planning and fund raising, the library was dedicated and opened on January 27, 2013.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL and the students love it.  This room gives students a safe and secure place to study, do research and socialize.  This will also provide a setting for future classes for the community of Zacualpa.

The library is large (30 ft by 28 ft) and is brightly lit and comfortably furnished.  The library is fully equipped with books, computers (with internet connection), projection equipment, TV, etc.

Many thanks to the Service Clubs and individuals who contributed to the construction and furnishing of  the library.  Special thanks goes to the Rotary Clubs that participated in two Rotary Grants that helped furnish the library led by Salida Rotary in 2011/12 and Groveland Rotary in 2012/13.  Click HERE to see a complete list of all the Service Clubs that contributed to this wonderful facility.

This library/reading room would not be possible without the help and partnership of ADIZ-NGO and its president, Fredy Argueta.  The library will be maintained and supervised by ADIZ staff member Rosario (Chayito) Figueroa.  Thank you Fredy for your many years of faithful service to Amigos de Guatemala and the people of Zacualpa and surrounding villages.  For more information about the partnership of Amigos de Guatemala and ADIZ-NGO click HERE.

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